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Our Fabulous Former Consultants
 These are just a few of the fabulous former consultants.  There are many more consultants of the past than the ones who follow.


The Consultants

 Andrea | Andrew | Arun | Anna | Charity | Chris | Courtney | Dana | Deena | Dido | Erika | James | Jenee | Jenee | Jeremy | Kareen |  Katie | Kerry  | Kyle | Lesley | Lynn | Maryon | Megan | Nadia | Paul | Rachel | Ron | Rulin | Sara | Sean | Shalina | Stephanie | Tanja | Tre | Yan


  •  Major: Undecided
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101
  •  Other Classes Taken:
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Interacting with students, forming friendships, learning about different cultures and also gaining knowledge about writing.
  •  Consultant's Blurb:
    The best and most beautiful things in this worldcannot be seen or even heard,
    but must be felt with the heart. ~Hellen Keller
    Belief is truth held in the mind; faith is a fire in the heart.


  • Major: Associates in Arts for now, Business Bachelors later
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 151, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Philosophy 100, Geology 105, Speech 100, Economics 211
  • What I Love about Consulting: I love to talk to people from all over the world and see what they come up with for essays. I love brainstorming sessions especially. I love helping people try to come up with something to write about.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I'm 20 years old, and I definitely have a "writing brain." I'm not a morning person; you will never see me working in the morning. I understand and can help with grammatical, technical aspects of writing, but I think I can be of more assistance with helping make the ideas and the content of the writing great.



  •  Major: Biology
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 205, Honors 100
  •  Other Classes Taken: Philosophy, History 148, College 100, Biology, Chemistry
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Being a writing consultant, I love the fact I get to help people improve their writing skills everyday and keep seeing them come back for more help. It feels very rewarding to know that my job helps people.
  •  Consultant's Bio: I have really peculiar nick names at the Writing Center: Cami, Pucker, and Shortcake. Just don't ask how they came about. I pronounce my name as Erin, even thought I spell it A-r-u-n. My whole name is Arunaktey, which means princess of the sun. My nationality is Cambodian American; I was born here, but moved to Cambodia when I was about eight-years-old. After living there for six years, we moved back to Washington. I love to read and write! I mostly read things like Jane Austin, Shakespeare, and occasionally Edgar Allen Poe (only on Halloween). My favorite genres are comedy, romance, action, and adventure; that includes both books and movies.


  •  Major:
  •  Writing Classes Taken:
  •  Other Classes Taken:
  •  What I Love about Consulting:
  •  Consultant's Blurb:


  •  Major: Biology
  •  Writing Classes Taken: 101, 105, 199
  •  Other Classes Taken: Math, Chemistry, Political Science, and various electives
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Meeting new people and hearing their interesting stories
  •  Consultant's Blurb: When I'm not at the Writing Center, Iím getting help in the Math Tutoring Center, watching Survivorman, or breeding guppies.

Lead Consultant

  •  Major: Business Marketing
  •  Writing Classes Taken: ENG 101, ENG 205, ENG 199, ENG 299
  •  Other Classes Taken: Business
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Helping writers eliminate stress in their lives!
  •  Consultant's Bio: Hi! My name is Courtney, and I'm currently attending the University of Washington Tacoma to pursue business! I've been consulting in the WC for about 3 years.




  • Major: Law/English, possibly Music Performance
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101,Writing 151, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Geology 107, Sociology 110, Speech 100, Ocean 101
  • What I Love about Consulting: I love learning about people's strength and resilience in difficult situations, which opens up my eyes and my world view.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I am a Running Start student who loves to read books, have a fun time with friends, and someday hopes to write a novel.


  •  Major: English
  •  Writing Classes Taken:Freshman Composition, Analytical Writing
  •  Other Classes Taken: Intro to Lit
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Using the knowledge and skills I've gained in college to help my peers.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: Normal is a cycle on a washing machine, not a personality type.


  • Major: Communication/ Linguistics/International Relations
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, 105, 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Cultural Anthropology, Honors 100, Comparative government, American government
  • What I Love about Consulting: I love helping students with brainstorming, thesis statements, transitions, almost everything, and I love meeting new students from different countries because they are all unique each in their way
  • Consultant's Blurb: I love to socialize and consider the sessions as meetings with friends; the only difference is that we mostly discuss school work. ;-). I don't know how relevant this is, but I speak French as my second language after Ewondo, my native language in Cameroon, so if you speak French and have difficulties with English, I should be a great help.


  • Major: Human Services
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 105, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: LIT 225, HIST 121, PE 100, POL S 120, PSYCH 100, CGG 200, H SER 101, POL S 130, LIT 205, MATH 107, POL S 190, F S 105, P SCI 120, ART 100, GE SC 100, SPCH 100, and BIO 100.
  • What I Love about Consulting: While there are many reasons why I love consulting, my favorite part is working with non-native speakers. Being a writing consultant has given me the opportunity to work with individuals across many different cultures.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I started taking classes part time at Highline Community College when I was a junior in high school. I am now finishing my third year at Highline and will be transferring to Western Washington University in the fall to start my major of human services. I plan to go on to get my Masters in Social Work, but one step at a time! I currently volunteer with the homeless in Seattle and have found a passion working with underserved populations. This has inspired me to continue helping vulnerable individuals, and I wish to eventually work with battered women.


  •  Major: Writing
  •  Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 151, Writing 255, Writing 256, Writing 257, Writing 199, Writing 299
  •  Other Classes Taken: CGG 115: Society and the Arts (combined with Women's Studies), Behav 100: Human Sexuality
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Getting to share my love of writing with others is one of the best things about this job, but I also love helping others to find their own voice in their writing and hearing about their lives through their essays. 
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm planning on getting my MFA in Creative Writing from SPU! My whole life I've loved words and storytelling. That's what draws me to the written word as a both a writer and a reader. I love seeing how choosing certain words and placing them in a certain order can affect people.





  •  Major: General AA (creative writing later!)
  •  Writing Classes Taken: ENG 101, Creative Writing
  •  Other Classes Taken: ASL, Psychology
  •  What I Love about Consulting: I love seeing the light flicker on when students understand something they have been working hard on!
  •  Consultant's Blurb: "If what you believe doesn't affect how you live, then it isn't very important."


  •  Major: Film
  •  Writing Classes Taken: ENG 101, 200
  •  Other Classes Taken: Psych 100, Engl 111, Geo 107, Frch 121, Span 121
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Meeting new people and helping others strengthen their writing skills.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: Hello! I'm Jeremy. I love movies, writing, and drawing. If I'm not wandering around the Writing Center, I'm probably wandering around Federal Way.







  •  Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a mother of 3 children and attending college for the first time to get a degree in nursing. I am currently studying at Highline under the pre-nursing associate's degree. This is my 7th quarter here at Highline and I'm looking to transfer next year and move on to a nursing school in a local university.

     My favorite quote is, "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi. I believe that if everyone lived by this the world would be a better place.

     Other classes that I've taken with a lot of writing involved are Psychology 100, Spanish 122 & 123, Statistics, Geology & The Environment and Nutrition.




  •  Major: Sequential Art
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 200 (Creative Writing)
  •  Other Classes Taken: Philosophy 101, History 126
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Meeting new and interesting people. It's really intersting to hear about other people's experiences, and learn about them while they learn about writing.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm an art major with a huge interest in comic books and storyboarding. I'm also a giant history nerd.


  •  Major: Computer Science
  •  Writing Classes Taken: ENG 101, 199
  •  Other Classes Taken: Honors 100, Psych 100
  •  What I Love about Consulting: I enjoy hearing other students ideas and experiences, helping to get their thoughts down on paper, and meeting people from different cultures.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm a Running Start student and this is my 2nd year at Highline. I hope to transfer to UW in the fall.


  •  Major: Mechanical Engineering
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 199
  •  Other Classes Taken: Math 91 and 97, Engineering 100, and BTECH 111
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Having the opportunity to meet many new and original people and talk about their assignments or papers, while trying to have fun and laugh along the way.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I am 24 years old; I love sports, drawing, painting, and chillin' with my people. I enrolled at Highline winter quarter of 2009 and took my first classes since graduating from high school in 2002, so I understand how difficult it can be to get started and gain confidence in your schoolwork.


  •  Major: Nursing
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 205, English 199
  •  Other Classes Taken: Psychology 100, Psychology 215
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Exploring different cultures through students' papers.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm 20 years old. I love reading! And I hope to transfer to a four-year university after I complete my AA in pre-nursing.


  • In my off time I can usually be found hanging out with my 8yr old son. I am also the mother of two grown children. I have called Federal Way home for the last 25 years. I have a wonderful church family who I spend a lot of time with and I volunteer at a faith based community outreach organization called South Sound Dream Center.

    After 20 years at home raising children I decided to return to college. It's been far more rewarding than I ever imagined. Once I finish at HCC I plan to transfer and complete a BA and possibly a masters in social work. It is my hearts desire to serve others. I hope to work with the homeless and foster families in the future. 

    Favorite quote Mark 12:31 "Love your neighbor as yourself."

    My favorite part about consulting is I get to meet new and different people everyday. I am learning about other cultures, peoples struggles and their joys.


  •  Hi everybody, my name is Maryon Koval. I moved to U.S in 1999, when I was only nine years long. A year ago I got my U.S citizenship. However, I feel no sense of pride towards any country. My sense of pride is for the Seattle sport teams, not that there is much to be proud of this year (except the sounders).
  •  I enjoy going to starbucks with friends, playing sports, reading the newspaper, and going to church. As of right now, I am majoring in nursing (but if people ask me what I do for living, I'l say that I "save lifes," because that sound way better). 
  • My favorite book is The Diary of the Wimpy Kid, and my favorite author is Louis Sachar. Yes, I know, those are kids books and I need to grow up.
  • I am very excited about being a writing consultant because it allows me to help others while imroving my own writing.

Associate Lead

  •  Major: Double major! Developmental Psychology and English
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101,131, 151, 200/201, 205, 199/299
  •  Other Classes Taken: Psychology 120, History 121, etc.
  •  What I Love about Consulting: I like a lot of things about my job. Mostly, I enjoy getting to work on writing all day, learning new ways of looking at different topics from the writers who come in, and exploring various ways that people learn.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm a 22-year-old returning to college after going back and forth between being a student and being part of the working world. I plan to be a social worker, specializing in adoptions. In my spare time, I write (big surprise) anything from poetry to song lyrics to random rants; I also play the piano, sing, draw, etc. I'm an Aquarius, a cat person, and a nerd. I love my job, so feel free to come see me for any part of your writing, whether it's constructing a thesis statement or organizing your thoughts!


  •  Major: Cross-Cultural Studies
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 205,  English 199

  •  Other Classes Taken: Drama 121, Psychology 100, Math In Society (107), Cultural Anthropology (206)
  •  What I Love about Consulting: I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life, relating to them in one-on-one situations, and helping them in practical ways. Being a writing consultant is a way for me to put all these things, a long with my love for writing, into practice.
  •  Consultant's Bio:This is my 2nd year at Highline.  After High School, I spent three years traveling and living abroad, where I gained a passion for cultures and languages.  Now I am planning to transfer into a Cross-Cultural or International Studies program at a four year university


  •  Major: Accounting
  •  Writing Classes Taken:ENG 10
  •  Other Classes Taken: BTECH 110
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Helping students who are striving towards the same goal I am!
  •  Consultant's Bio: Hi I'm Misti. This is my 5th quarter at HCC Writing Center. I have three children, two dogs, and a bird. I married my highschool sweetheart and best friend. I'm working on my degree towards accounting!


  •  Major: Industrial Engineering
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 205, English 199, English 299
  •  Other Classes Taken: Physics series, many math classes and engineering
  •  What I Love about Consulting: The best part is assignment clarification because you get to explain to the student what the teacher wants from them in simple language. Also, I like working with research papers and citation styles.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I enjoy being a writing consultant because you get to help students write better and make many friends along the way. It's the best job ever!


  •  Major: Communication Major
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Honors 100
  • What I Love about Consulting: Seeing the consulteeís face when they finally understand how to write or do something that they have not been able to before.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I am a Running Start student hoping to graduate by the end of my senior year with my general AA degree. Although I love helping people with writing, I also love helping students become interactive in the programs offered by Highline. I am involved in planning big events such as the Hip Hop Summit or the Boat Cruise and also in Student Programs. Donít be afraid to say hi and ask questions~


  • Major: Communications
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 151
  • Other Classes Taken: Anthropology 202, 215; Speech 100; History 121; Political Science 160
  • Favorite Writing Stages: Brainstorming and developing ideas is always fun, but I also love to read the second draft to challenge ideas and encourage the writer to develop their ideas with stronger details and examples.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I have been a consultant at HCC's Writing Center for six quarters now and it has been an amazing experience to learn about the writing process and to meet many interesting people and to hear their stories.


  • I am Rachel Corrigan Moyer and have been at HCC since spring of 2009.  I am an English major and am looking to transfer to a private college in Massachusetts next fall.  I am 31 years old, an esthetician and a cancer survivor.  I love music and to attend live shows.
  • The thing most like about consulting is helping students gain more focus with their writing and hope that gaining focus will result in their feeling more confident about their writing. 
  • I have taken Writing 101, English 205, English 200 (Creative Writing) and Honors 100, earning a 4.0 in each.  I am currently in Journalism 101. 
  • I have so many favorite quotes--it's very hard to choose just one.  My favorite two of all time are probably:
    Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind; the race is long and in the end it is only with yourself. 
    Never, never, never give up. ~Winston Churchill


  •  Major:
  •  Writing Classes Taken:
  •  Other Classes Taken:
  •  What I Love about Consulting:
  •  Consultant's Blurb:
  •  I am an international student from Taiwan. This is my second year at Highline.  I hope to transfer to a four year university next fall.
  •  I love meeting new people from different cultures and being able to help.
  • Other classes Iíve taken that have had a lot of writing: Honors100


  • Major: Pre-med
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 105, & Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Speech 100, His 121, Lit 205, Pol Sci 120
  • What I Love about Consulting: I love talking to my consultees about their papers and about their lives. During sessions we learn a lot about each other and have bonding moments. Sometimes the conversations I have in here are the highlight of my day!
  • Consultant's Blurb: I am a Running Start student and will be graduating from Highline and my high school this spring! I am going to UW in the fall and will study medicine to eventually reach my goal of become a pediatrician. I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm ready!!   :)


  •  Major: Nursing
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 205, English 199
  •  Other Classes Taken: Nutrition 110, Behavioral Science 100, Business Technology 102, PE 105, and PE 114
  •  What I Love about Consulting: Not only helping students with their writing, but simultaneously learning from them and about them.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: I'm a 17-year old Running Start student from Mt. Rainier High School. I'm currently working on my nursing prerequisites and hope to get into a nursing program at a university. My hobbies include reading books, drinking tea, and completing craft projects.


  • Major: English/Ballet
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writ101, Journalism100, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Speech100, Anthro220, Polisci100, French101-103 etc...
  • What I Love about Consulting: It's such a unique way to help people achieve their goals. I love to help fellow students discover their inner writer and hopefully find the same excitement toward writing and expressing themselves that I have always had.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I have many things that I love to do, including working with the wonderful and diverse students at Highline!  I love dancing and choreographing, reading, writing, photography and learning new languages! I aspire to learn as many as I can and travel the world as much as I can. In the near future, I will be working toward a BA in English and BFA in ballet.




  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Writing Classes Taken: Writing 101, Writing 151, Writing 255, Writing 256, Writing 257, Writing 199
  • Other Classes Taken: Education 110, Education 112, Math 180 
  • What I Love about Consulting: I love the opportunity to work with so many different people.  I enjoy explaining the concepts behind grammatical things, like in our workshops.  I especially love the chance to share my love of writing with others.
  • Consultant's Blurb: I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember.  Even in early elementary school, I was always making stuff up.  I've drafted several fantasy novels, all of which are in the editing stages.  My other great love is music.  I sing, and I've also played the piano since I was seven.  Plus I have a little bit of experience with flute and guitar.


  •  Major: Psychology
  •  Writing Classes Taken: English 101, English 199
  •  Other classes taken: Math 116, Speech 100, Psychology 250
  •  What I love about consulting: I love working with so many different people. Students of different ages, cultural backgrounds, with different college courses and majors come in and share a piece of their lives with consultants through their writing.
  •  Consultant's Blurb: My name is Tanja; I am 17 and a junior in Foster High School. I am currently working on getting my AA and completing my high school credits. I hope to transfer to the UW or any university with a great psychology program. I love a good book and enjoy creative writing (when I'm free to write in my own style!)


  •  Major:
  •  Writing Classes Taken:
  •  Other Classes Taken:
  •  What I Love about Consulting:
  •  Consultant's Blurb:


  • The 2 classes I have taken that have required quite a bit of writing were English 101 and Communications 101.

    My name is Yan and I am currently a Running Start student at Highline. I am hoping to major in Engineering and transfer to UW. In my free time I enjoy reading, exercising and hanging out with my friends. 

    I'm going to enjoy helping people become better writers and improve upon my own writing as well. 

    Favorite quote: "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."- Vince Lombardi


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