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Other Writing Resources (Websites that We Like)



Great Writing Sites for a Variety of Purposes

Highline's Writing Across the Curriculum Website

Purdue Online Writing Center: An excellent explanation of grammar and punctuation.


http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/quiz_list.htm: Helpful grammar quizzes!


http://www.merriam-webster.com/: An convenient way to look up new vocabulary!


Tips on Writing Essays

Citing Sources

Grammar Handouts and Exercises

Interactive Grammar Quizes

  •  Dave's ESL Cafe: Quizzes: Interactive quizzes on topics of interest to students learning English, such as prepositions, irregular verbs, and subject-verb agreement.
  •  Grammarstation Quiz Zone: Includes a diagnostic quiz to help you identify "which of the eight language areas you are weak in."

Vocabulary and Spelling

  •  Word A Day: These words are grouped into common categories depending on the theme of the week.
  •  Spelling Test: Quiz yourself on fifty commonly misspelled words!
  •  Common Errors in English: An interesting and extensive explanation of commonly misused words and phrases. Explains the difference between commonly misused pairs of words, such as "effect" and "affect."
  •  Dictionary: Merriam-Webster online abridged dictionary; this site also offers premium, unabridged services.
  •  Thesaurus: Roget's Thesaurus.


  •  Prepositions: A list of common prepositions, sorted into three categories: location, time, and action and movement.
  •  ESL Slang Page: An alphabetical list of meanings and examples. This site also notes any words or phrases which might be offensive.
  •  ESL Idiom Page: An alphabetical list of meanings and examples for common idioms.


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