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Writing Associates


What Are They?

Writing Associates are writing consultants who are "associated" with specific classes or programs from across the college curriculum.  In these cases, the consultants have experience writing in this particular context.  In the Writing Center, you can work with the support of the WA on how to meet the particular writing expectations of that area.

WAs can work with you on every stage of the writing process, including supporting you in your efforts to

  •  Understand the assignment and plan a strategy to fulfill it.
  •  Develop, focus and organize your ideas and supporting details.
  •  Clarify and strengthen your wording.
  •  Learn to edit and proofread your own writing.

Of course, we can't provide answers to content questions or tell you what your thesis or evidence should be, but we can help you walk through the process of discovering and refining your own knowledge and ideas.

What classes do we serve?

We have had Writing Associates for honors classes, sociology, philosophy, geology, psychology, education, nursing, and others.  If your class assigns papers, you might check with your instructor or the Writing Center to see if there is a writing consultant associated with the class.

Instructors: How can you get a Writing Associate for your class?

Please contact Rosemary Adang at (206) 878-3710 ext. 3822.




For more information, contact us:
Building 26, Room 319i
(206) 878-3710 ext. 4364
Rosemary Adang, Coordinator