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Building 26, Room 319  (206) 592-3444

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Tutoring Center - Math Tutoring
We offer tutoring in virtually any subject (except Math and Writing) offered at Highline  College. This assistance is available to any student currently enrolled at Highline College. 

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Building 26, Room 319 (Map)

2400 S. 240th Street

Des Moines, WA 98198 (Map)

Tel: (206) 878-3710 Ext. 3444

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For Instructors:
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All of our tutors are students who have successfully completed the courses they wish to tutor with a 3.5 GPA or better. All tutors must have an instructor's recommendation. In addition, tutors must attend a weekly tutor training class. Science tutors attend Science 199, and all other tutors attend Education 199.


We rely on instructors for tutor recommendations. If you have identified a potential tutor, please refer him/her to the Tutoring Center. We will provide further information and an application.

We depend on the faculty to set academic policies for our tutors. The Tutoring Center does the administrative work and sets the administrative policies, including hiring, scheduling, tutoring hours, budgeting, and all other activities that fall under administrative duties.

If you have questions regarding tutoring, please contact the center at ext.3444 or Contact us.

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The Tutoring Center (Bldg. 26, R319) provides academic support to all students enrolled at Highline College. It assists students in numerous academic disciplines through a variety of tutoring techniques by addressing their individual needs in a constructive environment. Drop-in and group tutoring are free to all currently enrolled students.

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