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Tutoring Center - Math Tutoring
We know you may have many questions about the Tutoring Center. Thus, we provide some frequently asked questions and their answers below 

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Building 26, Room 319 (Map)

2400 S. 240th Street

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Tel: (206) 878-3710 Ext. 3444

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Tutoring Center?


The Tutoring Center is one of the three Academic Success Centers. The Academic Success Centers include the Math Resource Center, Tutoring Center and Writing Center. The Tutoring Center offers tutoring for most of HCC subjects except math and writing.


2. What is the mission of the Tutoring Center?


The mission of the HCC Tutoring Center is to provide academic support to all students enrolled at Highline Community College.  Our primary goal is to create an open atmosphere of learning for students.  We assist students in numerous academic disciplines through a variety of tutoring techniques by addressing their individual needs in a constructive environment. A part of our mission is to work closely with our faculty, as well as other offices that support student services.


3. What subjects are offered at the Tutoring Center?


The Tutoring Center offers most HCC subjects except Math and Writing. Math and Writing are offered through the Math Resource Center and Writing Center respectively.

Based on requests from students and faculty, we are offering the following subjects:

·         Accounting

·         Arabic

·         Biology

·         Business Technology

·         Chinese

·         Chemistry

·         Computer Science

·         Economics

·         French

·         Japanese

·         Philosophy

·         Physics

·         Psychology

·         Reading Across Curriculum/Study Skills

·         Spanish


4. Why doesn’t the Tutoring Center offer other HCC subjects except the ones mentioned in #3 above?


The Tutoring Center determines which subjects to be offered based on the requests from both faculty and students. Then from the faculty’s recommendation of potential tutors, we hire and train the tutors.


5. What do faculty and students need to do if their subject is not offered at the Tutoring Center?


  1. Contact the Tutoring Center for the need.

  2. Faculty looks for potential tutors (students, including international students, who have completed the course with a grade of 3.5 or above) and sends them to the Tutoring Center to complete the application form. All tutors MUST be current HCC students to work in the Tutoring Center. (The application package can be accessed either at the Tutoring Center or online at http://tutoring.highline.edu/tutor.htm.

  3. Faculty writes a recommendation letter (the form is included in the application package) and sends it to the Tutoring Center Director.

  4. Upon receiving and reviewing the application, the Tutoring Center Director will interview the potential tutor and take care of the hiring and training process.

**It is important that faculty notifies students about the new tutoring subject and sends students to the Tutoring Center for support.


6. Who determines the tutoring hours?


The instructor and the tutor work together and determine the best tutoring hours for students.


7. Who are the tutors?


All tutors are referred and recommended by HCC faculty. They are current HCC students, who have received a grade of 3.5 or above in the subject they are tutoring. All tutors are HCC employees who are required to register for the tutor training course and participate in ongoing training. The goal of the tutor training program is to help tutors to promote student independence, active learning and motivation. At the end of the training course, all qualified tutors receive International Tutor Program Certification from CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association).


8. What are the benefits of becoming a tutor? 

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Help others succeed.

  • Improve your own study skills.

  • Earn money while attending school.

  • Receive college credit for tutor training.

  • Receive national certification in tutoring.

  • Add to your scholastic and career resume.


9. Is the tutoring one-to-one?


Tutoring is often done one-to-one or in a group, depending on the availability of the tutor and number of students at the time. 


10. Do tutors help faculty and students in their classroom upon request?


No. Our tutors are not instructors, nor are they TAs. They don’t respond to requests for helping out in the classrooms. However, they often do class visits to promote the Tutoring Center. Faculty and students are encouraged to invite tutors to their classrooms for this purpose.


11. Where can I find the basic information (e.g., tutoring subjects, schedule, etc.) about the Tutoring Center?


You can find the information at http://tutoring.highline.edu/home2.htm.


12. What is the Tutoring Center Blurb?


The Tutoring Center (Bldg. 26, R319) provides academic support to all Highline students. Trained and certified peer tutors assist students in numerous academic disciplines through a variety of tutoring techniques by addressing their individual needs in a constructive, student-centered environment. Drop-in, group tutoring, one-on-one consultations, and workshops are free to all currently enrolled students.

Questions? Comments? Contact us.

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