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Tutoring Center Front Desk
Tutoring Center Front Desk Assistants are an integral part of the Tutoring Center's operation. Thus, they are an extension of the Tutoring Center positive image to students and staff. 

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Building 26, Room 319 (Map)

2400 S. 240th Street

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Tel: (206) 878-3710 Ext. 3444

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The Tutoring Center at Highline College invites you to apply for student employment as a front desk assistant.  The mission of the HC Tutoring Center is to provide academic support to all students enrolled at Highline College.  Our primary goal is to create an open atmosphere of learning for students.  We assist students in numerous academic disciplines through a variety of tutoring techniques by addressing their individual needs in a constructive environment. A part of our mission is to work closely with our faculty as well as other offices that support student services.

Front Desk Job Description  -  Front Desk Application

Broad Scope and Function
The Tutoring Center Front Desk Assistants will perform receptionist duties. Please see duties and responsibilities below. Front Desk Assistants work closely with Tutoring Center Staff to provide an inviting environment for all visitors of the center.
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Greet visitors entering and exiting the center.
  2. Assist students with signing in and out on computers.
  3. Answer phones and provide information about the center.
  4. Monitor and check out materials.
  5. Photocopy.
  6. Deliver materials/flyers across campus.
  7. Maintain a clean environment within the center.
  8. Attend scheduled trainings on Fridays from 1:20-2:10 (Dates will be announced at hiring).
  9. Work with HighlineCollege Tutoring Center Staff to develop a work schedule that allows for time travel to school, time travel between classes, and time to prepare for one’s own courses.
Minimum Requirements
  1. Work Study Awarded for the quarter(s) that you will be employed.
  2. Good communication and organizational skills, and a friendly disposition.
  3. Computer/typing skills (including some Microsoft Word and Excel experience)
  4. Ability to handle multiple tasks in a responsible and reliable manner.
  5. Maintain high standards of ethical conduct working with students, staff, and faculty.
  6. Respect for diversity of students, staff, and faculty, including race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender and other forms of diversity.
  7. Willingness to work as a team member with other students, staff, and faculty members of Highline College.

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