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The tenure review committee is made up of one tenured faculty member from each division, one administrator, and one student member.

The current members for the 2012-2013 academic year are:

  • Arline Garcia - Arts and Humanities Division (9/2014 to 6/2017) - Chair
  • Samad Chakour - Business Division  (9/2014 to 6/2017)
  • Jodi White - Health, PE, and Education Division (9/2013 to 6/2016)
  • Amelia Phillips - Pure and Applied Sciences Division (9/2015 to 6/2018)
  • Lijun Shen - Social Science Division (9/2013 to 6/2016)
  • Lisa Skari - Vice President for Institutional Advancement (Appointed by the College President)
  • Richelle Enriquez - ASHCC Rep (ASHCC Vice President, elected every year)
  • Jeff Wagnitz - Vice President for Academic Affairs (Non-voting member)


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