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Revised Code of Washington: State Laws Regarding Tenure

28B.50.851 Faculty tenure--Definitions.

28B.50.852 Faculty tenure--Rules and regulations--Award of faculty tenure--Maximum probationary period.

28B.50.855 Faculty tenure--Written agreement embodying terms of employment furnished faculty.

28B.50.856 Faculty tenure--Evaluation of probationer by review committee--Progress report, acknowledgment of receipt--Recommendation as to tenure.

28B.50.857 Faculty tenure--Decision not to renew probationary appointment, notice by appointing authority, when.

28B.50.859 Faculty tenure--Tenure retained upon reduced work load assignment.

28B.50.860 Faculty tenure--Tenure retained upon administrative appointment.

28B.50.861 Faculty tenure--Dismissal only for sufficient cause.

28B.50.862 Faculty tenure--Certain grounds constituting sufficient cause.

28B.50.863 Faculty tenure--Review prior to dismissal--Scope--Recommendations of review committee.

28B.50.864 Faculty tenure--Appeal from decision for dismissal--Procedure.

28B.50.867 Faculty tenure--Tenure rights upon transfer of employment to another community or technical college.

28B.50.868 Faculty tenure--Faculty members currently employed granted tenure.

28B.50.869 Faculty tenure--Review committees, composition--Selection of faculty representatives, student representative.

Last updated: October 30, 2007