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Student Voices: Lucimar Landry

Lucimar Landry is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese; in fact thatís the only language she spoke when she had to travel on 3 planes by herself to come to the United States to be with her husband in 2006. During that trip she not only couldnít even ask for water, she missed a plane in Washington D.C. so had difficulties figuring out what to do because no one at the airport spoke Portuguese. Lucimar met her American husband in Brazil in 2003 while he was working there, and when they were together they spoke only Portuguese because he wanted to practice his language skills, which is the reason she didnít know English when she moved here. Highline College was just down the street from her home, so she met with Linda Faaren who advised her to take a CASAS test...Read more of Lucimar's story here.