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I have been an instructor at Highline Community College since 1996. The courses I teach include programming, Web development, and database technologies.

I am here to help facilitate your learning process, and to help prepare you for either a four-year university or for the workplace. I am committed to helping you succeed!

My philosophy of teaching includes:

1. Treating all students, regardless of background or ability, with dignity and respect, and expecting the same in return.

2. Holding students to high academic and ethical standards, and helping equip students to meet those standards.

3. Innovation in teaching methods, including the use of a wide variety of teaching methods, in order to effectively communicate to students with different learning styles.

4. A project-oriented approach to teaching that encourages critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, and project management skills, as well as teamwork and communication.

5. Openness and receptivity to feedback and constructive criticism, both from students and faculty, as a means of continually improving my teaching effectiveness.

6. Commitment to continued learning and professional development in order to remain on the cutting edge in the rapidly changing world of technology.