Standards Outcomes Competencies


Funding Opportunities

The Standards, Outcomes, and Competencies Committee makes funds available on an ongoing basis to departments to support student learning outcomes and assessment projects.  These funds provide resources that departments need to:

*    Review their assessment/student learning outcomes practices;

*    Create pilot projects that explore new assessment/outcome methods;

*    Gain additional training in student learning outcomes/assessment;

*    Discover new methods or alternative practices in student learning outcomes/assessment.

These funds are intended for use by departments in their efforts to participate in student learning outcomes/assessment.  SOCC’s intent is not to distribute these funds evenly across departments, but rather to identify those areas in need of support while encouraging innovation and exploration.  A department may receive more than one grant, and more than one person may submit proposals for a department.  Two or more departments may choose to collaborate and submit a joint proposal.

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Download the application form  [Submit completed applications to Rolita Ezeonu (Dean of Instruction, Transfer and Pre-College Education)

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What can the funds be used for?

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Final Project Report Final report deadline

Download the application form [Submit completed applications to Jeff Wagnitz.]

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Last updated: October 28, 2015