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Welcome to the web page of Highline's Consulting Faculty for Assessment.  This position is currently held by Sue Frantz.


Given the ongoing challenges in maintaining and enhancing the college’s assessment efforts, faculty require adequate support and encouragement to succeed in that important work.  To meet these needs, the assessment consulting faculty member serves as a leader, a resource, and a consultant to departments in their assessment activities.  This support includes assisting in efforts to develop meaningful outcomes and assessments, to sustain department efforts, and to use findings effectively in curricular decision-making.


In order to support these efforts, SOCC funds are made available to underwrite one-third release time for an assessment consulting faculty member.   SOCC members believe that this addition of energy, talent, and leadership will help ensure the success and ongoing improvement of the college’s instructional assessment work. 



The assessment consulting faculty member works with faculty both within the departments and across the curriculum to:

  • Identify and implement strategies to improve assessment practices in the departments.
    This task includes:

    • Assisting with the writing and refining of student outcomes statements

    • Assisting with the writing and refining of department objectives and goals

    • Identifying appropriate measures for the assessment of student learning

    •  Developing methods to streamline/integrate assessment and grading

    • Creating sample materials (performance rubrics, assignments) for departments

    • Developing methods of recording and tracking assessment results

    • Developing department-specific timelines and plans to improve assessment work

    • Maintaining a schedule of regular consultations with department coordinators

  • Advise the SOCC on professional development needs in the assessment arena.
    This task includes;

    • Noting common challenges encountered by programs and departments

    • Keeping abreast of trends and developments in assessment

    • Working with Instructional Design to create and maintain web resources

  • Participate in statewide assessment activities, in collaboration with the SOCC liaison

  • Coordinate with Gateway Faculty, department coordinators/representatives, and others who have curriculum-development roles to develop and sustain a culture of assessment.  This task will, of necessity, entail identifying and cultivating supporters within divisions/departments to assist department members with the development of assessment techniques


As part of the position, the assessment consulting faculty member may:

  • Develop and maintain a website of assessment resources

  • Organize workshops or discussions for the HCC community on assessment topics

  • Send out assessment tips to the HCC community

  • Identify presenters who may be of value to HCC’s assessment activities


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Last updated: November 02, 2009


Last updated: November 02, 2009

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