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Committee Objectives

The mission of the SOCC is to promote an outcomes assessment cycle at Highline Community College that is constantly adjusting to student needs, consistently improving student success rates, and always helping the institution to realize its own mission. More specifically, our objectives are:

  • To encourage a positive attitude toward assessment as a constant and ongoing process;

  • To remain abreast of current assessment standards and practices;

  • To promote the use of a common language to describe assessment activities;

  • To provide information to faculty as they design outcomes assessment strategies;

  • To act as consultants to departments on issues involving assessment;

  • To support professional development opportunities related to outcome assessments;

  • To support the ongoing refinement of college-wide outcomes;

  • To act as a liaison with outcomes committees at other institutions of higher learning;

  • To bring outcomes assessment policies and procedures at Highline into line with the requirements of relevant outside agencies;

  • To aid in the preparation of reports to relevant outside agencies;

  • To foster the idea that education is a dynamic process aimed always toward positive changes that further enhance student success.


Last updated: April 20, 2012