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Kris Mason Welcome Back Center
Jennifer Granger International Programs
Katrina Titchenal Workforce Funding Advisor-Opportunity Grant
Linda Michael Campus Access Advisory Group How do we create a campus learning environment that is welcoming to all?
Tonya Benton                               Institutional Research Who Are Our Students? A New Institutional Research Resource On-Line
Laura Nole Highline Bookstore At Your Service
Dena Dillon & Toni Castro Student Rights & Responsibilities
Toni Castro/Cesar Portillo Diversity at Highline
Donna Longwell                             Cathy Cartwright R-25 System
Kim Bobbitt Financial Aid 
Rosemary Adang The Writing Center
Pelin Erel Safety and Security
Kim Brazier StartZone Program
Nancy Allen Access Services and Community
Natasha Burrowes  Center for Leadership and Service
Bopha Mao Counseling
Dianna Thiele Purchasing 
Jean Munro Women's Programs/ WorkFirst Services
Deborah Moore New info about citation: stylesheets update
Mouy-ly Wong & Sue Kelly

Transition Referral and Resource Center

The Transition Referral and Resource Center’s mission is to educate ABE/ESL students in navigating the community college environment through referral to appropriate services and providing resources to make informed decisions toward one’s academic goals.

 We provide services to the adult immigrant and refugee community.

Debbie A. Faison  unconfirmed
Carel Neffenger unconfirmed
Bonnie Williams unconfirmed



Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield Diversity/Globalism Requirement - 10th Anniversary
Kris Mason Gateway Center
Shelley Flippen Early Childhood Center
Katrina Titchenal Financial Aid
Dena Dillon, Toni Castro, Lance Gibson

Understanding the Student Rights & Responsibilities Code – A “Not-so-Trivial” Pursuit

What do you know about our updated SR&R Code?  Do you know what to do if a violation to the Code takes place?  Does the SR&R cover faculty complaints?  What is the process for reporting academic dishonesty?  Find out the answers to these questions, and more!
Karen Steinbach High School Programs
Heather Brett and Siew Lai Lilley

“Transfer Ready, Major Ready”—How to get there from here-- Welcome to the new Transfer Web site!

The Educational Planning & Advising/Transfer Center has a brand new Web site to help advisors and our students navigate the transfer process while they are at Highline.

When should students start their transfer planning?
Need UW major preparation worksheets? How about a transfer checklist? How do I sign up for a faculty advisor? How can I locate the AA planning sheet on the Web?
This poster session will showcase all of the exciting resources that are available to help advisors empower and guide students in their transfer planning.

The web pages highlight helpful tools designed to make the transition to a baccalaureate college smoother: major preparation information, transfer checklist, selecting the right college, transfer tips and more!

Rashad Norris Institutional Advancement
Rosemary Adang The Writing Center
Gloria Koepping Counseling
Aaron Reader Inter-Cultural Center
Nancy Allen Access Services and Community & Support Employment
Monica LeMoine & Rolita Ezeonu Achieving the Dream
Precollege Writing: 71, 81, 91
The goal of HCC's precollege writing courses is to help prepare students for college-level writing and reading tasks. View poster (PPT)
Linda Louie Giving a Voice to Challenging Text
Make text comprehensible and accessible for English Language Learners and students with reading disabilities by putting it in Audio Book form on your website. Linda's online recordings
Nicki Bly, June Jarvey, Janice Adams Universal Design for Learning - Looking at learning in new ways
Mouy-li Wong Educational Planning
Jean Munro, Crystall Rodriguez
Women's Programs/ WorkFirst Services
PowerPoint presentation
Jason Ramirez and Erik Scott Achieving the Dream:  Developmental Math Intervention-A guide to success

 1.  Why Math?

 2.  Why Mentoring?

 3.  What did we do?

 4.  Results from year 1

 5.  Highline and Achieving the Dream
View poster (PPT)
Ron Sabado Visual Mapping for Assessment tracking



Nancy Allen Access Services
Pat Daniels, Shirley Bean and Nancy Kent What's TAC been up to?
We've been busy! Learn about the Technology Acquisition Process and how it can help you.  Review the draft of the new Technology Strategic Plan and provide your feedback!
Aryana Bates


Being There:  collaborating with faculty where we’re at

 Recognition is the watchword:  Recognizing the meaning, role, and importance of information literacy; recognizing our particular skills and opportunities for incorporating information literacy into the academic process; recognizing the teaching moments where librarians and teaching faculty can collaboratively enhance information literacy in the curriculum.   

This poster session comprises a narrative of collaborative experiences, formal and informal.  This session discusses strategies that have worked, more or less, over the last academic year:

  • Core example -- A quarter long, faculty/librarian collaborative incorporation of information literacy into the syllabus of an interdisciplinary Sociology and Writing course utilizing such tools as document-based exam questions, and weekly research training sessions
  • Supplementary examples – Several efforts at faculty/librarian collaboration, including
    • one-on-one and small-group office visits to discuss IL content of specific assignments
    • presentations at faculty department meetings
    • faculty training sessions (or at least the attempt to make them happen)
    • a for-credit co-ordinated study course with Business Tech faculty
  • Personal experiment – Bates also teaches humanities courses and as such I am experimenting with incorporating IL into my syllabi.  I consider this process, highlighting what seems workable from an instructor’s perspective.
Kimberly Bobbit Financial Aid
Playing with data and processes: See how the Financial Aid Office affects the campus community and life of our students.
Angi Caster Student Visual Literacy projects
Barbara Clinton Honors Program
Karen Fernandez and Hara Brook New Library Databases
Karen Francis-McWhite and Ravi Manghani Sustainability
Denny Stuessy EPAC
Ravinder Kang "Entertainment Or Education..."
Marc Lentini Course Management System software review
Kristina Mason Accommodating non-native English speakers in content courses
Christie Knighton, Maurea Maya I-Best
Aaron Reader Multi-cultural Services
Katherine Skelton, Rosemary Adang, Sam AlKhalili

The Tutoring Connection

Come and see all the exciting things that Tutoring Center, Math Resource Center, and Writing Center have to offer.  Come learn how we connect with your students and learn ways to connect with us. 

Joy Strohmaier, Sabine Walter Highline Health Information Fair
Meghan Van Horn, Cathy Brewer Early Childhood Learning Center
Jonathan Brown Student Services
Laura Westergard Admissions: Step-by-Step

Carel Neffenger
Improving Student Group Presentations
You can help students put together group presentations that are creative and exciting for both the participants and the audience with a professional flair. Using communication and public speaking theories, group discussion and problem solving strategies, and group development milestones and timelines, students are able to quickly research and prepare topics in a guided approach for an effective presentation with confidence. This guided approach prepares students for both impromptu group presentations or quarter-long group projects while helping them to develop skills for both academic and business presentations.
Jean Munro  & Debbie Faison FERPA

A FERPA refresher for Highline employees & the do's and don'ts when communicating information to our students by email, voice mail or in person. 

Joy Strohmaier & Terry Meerdink Highline Reads: Science and Math
Craig McKenney Early College/ Authentic Learning
Thressa Alston Critical Moments
Karen Fernandez Using Databases
Tammy Merrill Community & Employment Services
Marie Esch-Radtke Blackboard Discussion Boards
Lisa Skari & team The new HCC image
Tom Pollard Podcasting
Marc Lentini New Technologies
Kathleen Hasselblad International Projects
Nancy Kent Writing for the Web
Dawn Webster-Piper & Janice Adams Faculty Resource Center and Instructional Design
Media Services
Media Services
Andre Du Toit

Entrepreneurship training in Cape Town for unemployed and disadvantaged South Africans

Rosemary Adang (Tentative) CGG or Women's Studies

Angi Caster & Marc Lentini It's only a game?  The Implications of Videogames for Pedagogy
Literature 220, spring 2005, was "Videogames as Contemporary Literature," and the success of that course in terms of student production, retention and critical thinking has huge implications for assumptions we make about traditional methods of assessment, rigor, student sophistication and subject matter. The course also offers pedagogical insights that we can learn from the world of computer games. Come see the results.  Proposal document
Barbara HunterTerry Meerdink Thinking of Hosting a Statewide Conference?
This project will give you an idea of what worked for us this spring.  Learn about ways to streamline the work and about what you should and shouldn't do. Proposal document
Erik Scott Weaving it Together:  Outcomes Assessment & Student Development in a Content-Heavy Course
Gwen Spenser & Siew Lai Lilley Junior Ready, Major Ready
Statewide and university promoted initiatives have placed enhanced emphasis on transfer students' readiness to enter specific majors. This poster session will provide information on newly proposed degree tracks, major selection and preparation, and the implications for advisors who are working with transfer students.
Pat Daniels, Marcia Welch, & Janice Adams The New Passport
This poster will highlight new features in the Passport Program including newly modularized Highline Basics that are accessible through self-directed learning online and new workshops. Proposal document
Gary Nelson & Meg Ryan E-portfolios
Anthony Newton, Ellen Bremen, Janice Adams What is a Hybrid Course?
Vickie Ropp (Gateway Faculty for Assessment) & Sue Frantz (Chair of SOCC) Assessment at Highline:  What's It All About Anyway?
This poster session will provide a road map to the assessment activities on campus.  It will move from macro to micro showing college-wide activities to department work to course assessment.  Join us and get the bigger picture and see how your course fits in.
Ellen Bremen Assessment in the Speech Department
Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield Imaginative Alternatives to the Assessment Blues
This project aims to provide examples of alternative methods of measuring department or college-wide outcomes.  On the micro level, instructors can have "fun" measuring outcomes and still meet the macro demands of analyzing student learning. Proposal document
Matt Schwisow TENTATIVE
Rosemary Adang CGG/Women's Studies (TENTATIVE)
Ellen Hofmann Islamic Women's Experience (TENTATIVE)

Carol Jones Assistive Technology
Korey Marquez Understanding ESL Writers
Marie Bruin, Ann Sawyer, & Jean Munro Women's Programs and WorkFirst Services
Barbara Clinton The Honors Program
Ellen Hofmann Writing a Fulbright Grant
Bernadette Jeffers Stitching with a Purpose
Pat Daniels & Janice Adams About Passport
Gerie Ventura & Bob Hier Media Services
Eric Baer & Rav Kang Instant Polling In Class

Meg and Gary posing
with Lance Gibson
at their Capstone poster session

Capstone poster session - Meg Ryan and Gary Nelson
Erik Scott & Angi Caster Math: Cult or Culture Picture
Lijun Shen ESL Instructional Design template
Ruth Frickle Groups That Work Picture
Moira Fulton Study Skills: Testing feedback
Jessica Gilmore & Marcia Welch BTech Lab
Tony Wilson Non-Linear Presentation of Content
Maggie Brown Peer Tutoring Picture
Amal Mahmoud & Karen Fernandez Information Literacy for ESL Picture
Gary Nelson & Meg Ryan Capstone Pictures
Donna Rydberg & Lorna Schletzbaum (no longer at HCC) Nursing Picture

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Last updated: September 04, 2009

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