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Summer Design - Input / Assistance
Check Print Shop Schedule (Ext. 3223) Information about PRINTING - Check this out if you are creating a print poster
Opening Week 2009
September 17
8:00 - 10:00
in Building 9 - The Learning & Teaching Center

Poster Sessions set up 
& Presentations

What is a poster session?

A poster session offers an alternative to the lecture-style presentation or formal workshop as a means of sharing your topic or technique with a walk-up audience that can be engaged at a very personal level. It should offer new and specific information, as opposed being simply an information table.

A poster session can take the form of a poster printed through a print shop; a hand-pasted compilation or collage on poster board or tri-fold; or an electronic presentation, such as a web site or PowerPoint presentation. Providing visual aids and/or handouts is recommended.

What outcomes will participating in poster sessions have?

Posters will be presented during Highline’s Opening Week this fall. Presenters will stay with their exhibits and be available to share and answer questions.

In addition to the benefit your poster session will bring to Highline, you can take your presentation on the road and present it at academic/professional conferences you attend.


For Information or Assistance, Contact:

Janice Adams, Instructional Design 
206-878-3710, ext. 3650
Summer Office Hours (Library 6th floor):
M-Th 8:30 - 5:30


Last updated: September 03, 2009

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