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Michele Manber's Psychology 100 Page

Page last revised: June 14, 2017

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Advice to students from Fall, 2014 students, written on the last day of class

Advice to students from Winter, 2014 students, written on the last day of class

Advice from Winter & Spring 2013 students on last day of class

Advice from my former Psych. 100 students (Fall '08)on the last day of class

Emergency Procedures

Syllabi & Calendar
Study Guides
Spring, 2017 Assignments


Spring, 2017 syllabus with all assignments attached (in pdf format)


Spring, 2017 calendar in pdf format


You Should Know list for test 1

You Should Know list for test 2

You Should Know list for test 3

You Should Know list for test 4

You Should Know list for test 5

You Should Know list for test 6

You Should Know list for final


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Due dates for Canvas quizzes (at 10 pm):

Chapter 1: Apr 13
Chapter 2: Apr 26
Chapters 3 & 4: Apr 26
Chapter 5: May 9
Chapter 6: May 9
Chapters 9: May 22
Chapter 12: May 22
Chapter 11: May 30
Chapter 14: June 6




All of the following are attached to the "syllabus with all assignments attached", except the extra credit assignment.

Syllabus Quiz (pdf format) (due Wednesday, April 5)

Plagiarism Tutorial Certificate (due Monday, April 10)

Research Assignment (due April 28) (pdf format)

Concept Application paper
(pdf format)

Good Study Habits extra credit assignment (due April 20)


Grades   Plagiarism resources

Grade Approximator: Use this to estimate your grade at any time during the quarter.

How to avoid "the 6 hour D"

NY Times article "Forget What you know about Good Study Habits" (be sure to click through all pages - or click on "print" and it will show the entire article)

Video on effective study skill strategies

Studying help! Learning how to study using Retrieval Practice

The Myth of Learning Styles (youtube)

and another Myths of Learning

Scientific American article on benefits of taking notes by hand, rather than with a laptop

Study Skills Booklet and How to Study for a Psych class (pdf from powerpt)

Study Skills Self Help (Virginia Tech)

Hopefully available soon in our library (available now on Amazon): Study Less, Learn More: The Complete Guide for Busy Students by Michael W. Wiederman PhD [based on psychology findings, rather than hearsay]

1. How to recognize and avoid plagiarism

2. Alverno College's information on establishing authorship (tips on when to quote and when NOT to quote in papers, also)


Relevant Course Links


click on the following for a:
Mental health quackery check

The Chatty Professor: A blog by an HCC Communications Instructor about how to navigate the educational system well (really: how to get along with professors & do well in school (or elsewhere!)).


citing sources: library handout (pdf) of APA citation information

Camtasia video on findinging scholarly articles in psychology


For the Research Methods module:

Tutorials on all phases of Research Design

Funny correlations

Short video on the Placebo effect

For the Neuroscience modules:

If you have an iphone or ipad, the 3D Brain (free) app is nice

Neuroscience for Kids (even though it says "for Kids" it is useful for anyone who wants an introduction to neuroscience)

58 minute video on how brain works (Christmas lecture: Bruce Hood: What's in your head)

Some fun Sensation/Perception exercises (may not work in all browsers; works in Mozilla)

Wear earplugs to concerts!!! Protect your hearing!


For the memory module:


San Francisco's Exploratorium Website on Memory




Developmental image:

working out Punnett square problems

probability of inheritance

More Psychology information (learning,biopsych, etc)


picture of the quarter:



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