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What Library & Information Services Graduates Do

A Career in Libraries

Library & Information Services program graduates work in libraries at universities and colleges, secondary and elementary schools, and government agencies performing a wide variety of library management services including cataloging, coding and assisting with research. Graduates work in roles such as library technician, library technical assistant and media aide.

Library & Information Services Job Responsibilities

Under the direction of professional librarians, library paraprofessionals help people by formulating search strategies and finding information. They also do detail-oriented work such as classification and cataloging. Library paraprofessionals instruct patrons on the use of library systems and encourage and teach students to use the library and media center.

The Skills You Need

Careers as a library paraprofessional demand a high degree of comfort with computers as well as a customer-service mindset, strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Because of my library computer technology classes, I am now a competent and confident technophile. And the support and mentoring I have received has been remarkable!

—Kimberly Brown, Past HALT President, Highline graduate