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Angel 8 - New for Summer 2012

Angel was upgraded to version 8 during the break between Spring and Summer Quarter.


The upgrade makes no changes to the Angel interface.

It adds several features:

  • Safari and Chrome desktop compatibility. (Mobile compatibility is not certified, so your iPad mileage may vary.)
  • Full rubrics for discussion forums. Repeat: rubrics in discussion forums. See the how-to guide for more
  • More options for visibility and availability for Assignment Drop Boxes. How-to guide coming soon.
  • Added navigation in large assessments

How do I learn more?

See the following videos and how-to guides:

 Still have questions? E-mail Us and Instructional Design will get back to you!

Why did we upgrade?

While Angel will continue to maintain Angel 7.4, version 8 offers some features that are in very high demand. In particular, we've received a lot of interest in the rubrics in discussions and Safari and Chrome access.