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Posting Media Files in Angel

The Media Files content option in Angel provides a way to include audio and video materials so that they are protected from download and will work more smoothly with students.

Posting Media Files

You must have copyright clearance which specifically permits streaming. Educational use does not automatically grant you rights to use media.

Watch the video

Part 1: Upload the file

Note: if you already used this file in another class, you don't have to re-load it. Go on to Part 2.

  1. Go to Lessons, and the folder where the file should be linked.
  2. Click on Add content, then choose Media File.
  3. Click on Upload Files (it's the 2nd button).
  4. Choose, or create, a folder to upload.
    • Name the folder after your class, and include the quarter in the name.
  5. Click on Browse and select the file.
    • If you are uploading Camtasia, go into the folder created when you produced the video. Select the .mp4 or .swf file with the same name as the video.
    • For more information about types of files, contact Instructional Design
  6. Click Upload.

Part 2: Link the file

  1. Click Choose File (left-most button).
  2. Navigate to the folder for that course.
  3. Click on the name of the file.
  4. Add Title, Subtitle, etc.
  5. Choose how the file should be displayed.
    • Display will show the video/audio in a page in the frame in Angel
    • Download link will allow students to download the link and play it on their computer.
    • Both will display and provide a download link. 
  6. Click Add to Lesson.