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Link from Announcements

Long announcements in your Angel course can be a real challenge for students. The viewing area for announcements is very narrow, so long text will scroll, and scroll, and scroll off the screen. In addition, a long announcement in one class will push announcements for the other classes off the bottom of the screen. Students then have a problem keeping track of multiple classes.

To make announcements more manageable for students, consider creating a brief announcement with a link to the longer assignment in the Lessons area. As an added benefit, students who miss the announcement will be exposed to the information when they go to the Lessons.

Creating a linked announcement

See the video

  1. Start by clicking on Add Announcement in the Announcement editor
  2. Create the short announcement text
  3. Click on the arrow to the right of the link icon, and choose Content Link.
  4. Click on Map to see an outline of class content
  5. Find the item that contains the announcement text, and click on it.
  6. Set any date/time options
  7. Click Save