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Discussion Forum Rubrics

With Angel version 8, the same rubrics that are available for grading Assignment Drop Boxes are now available for grading discussion forums.

See the video

To connect a rubric and a dicussion forum:

  1. Set up a rubric (see this video on how rubrics work and this video on how to create one)
  2. Set up a discussion forum (see this video about creating forums)
  3. Click on Settings for that forum, and go to the Assignment tab
  4. Look for the Grading Rubric section of the tabe, just under Gradebook settings.
    • Note: this is different from the "Scoring Rubrics", which are the old way of awarding points based simply on number of posts.
  5. Click on the drop down menu to select the rubric for this forum.
  6. Decide whether you want the rubric displayed to students before or after they post. Click on the checkboxes to make the rubrics available.
  7. Click Save

To grade a forum using the rubric:

  1. Click on Submissions for the discussion forum
  2. Click on Grade Forum
  3. Click on the student's name to see the messages they posted. This will pop up a new window, which you can move to the side, or read and close.
  4. To the right of the student's name, click on "View Grading Rubric"
  5. Click on each square in the rubric's grid to assign an achievement level for each criteria.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Submit Grades