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Pasting Text from Word

We often use text that we've created in Microsoft Word to add to our Angel courses. However, Word adds a lot of hidden code to that text in order to format the text. That formatting code can cause strange text layouts when displayed in Angel. Announcements also limits the amount of text you can enter, and all the formatting information counts toward that limit.

There are two strategies you can use to copy text into Angel and reduce the amount of hidden formatting code:

Using the Paste From Word Tool

See the video

This method will preserve most of the text formatting, but reduces the amount of hidden code. You can do this anywhere in Angel where you see the WYSIWYG editor (the one with all the formatting buttons across the top.

  1. Select the text to copy from Word, then copy it (Edit, Copy or CTRL-C).
  2. Click on the WYSIWYG editor.
  3. From the format options, look for the first down arrow. Select "Paste From Word".
  4. Paste in your text, and click OK

"Sanitizing" Text With Notepad

See the video

This method will remove all formatting from the text. It's very useful if you receive a message that you'd like to forward, but has too much formatting for your taste. It is also particularly useful if you are pasting text to your web site.

  1. Select your text from Word.
  2. Open Notepad. This is another application on your computer. See Start/All Programs/Accessories, or click Start/Run... and then type notepad.exe and hit return.
  3. Past the text into Notepad
  4. Copy the text again (Edit menu/Copy)
  5. Click on the WYSIWYG editor in Angel, and then paste your text normally.