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Assignment Visibility Options

Angel 8 adds several options for controlling visibility and availability of assignments. These controls now more closely mirror the options available for Assessments/Quizzes. The key controls are:

Visibility - Whether the assignment can be seen by students. If it's visible, students can download materials and read the instructions. This is set in the Access Tab in the Assignment settings.

Accepting Submissions - Whether the students can hand in materials. This is set in the Submission tab in the Assignment settings.


Watch the video

  1. Click on the Settings option for the Assignment Drop Box. 
  2. Just under the title for the Drop Box, click on Advanced for the settings.
  3. To control visibility, click on the Access tab. To make the assignment visible to students, check the Start Date and End Date, and select the dates.
    • Note: if you do not wish to hide the assignment at all, do not check the Start Date and End Date boxes. 
  4. To control whether students can hand in work, click on the Submission tab. Check the boxes next to "Start Accepting Submissions" and "Stop Accepting Submissions," and set dates accordingly.
    • Students will be able to see assignments based on visibility, but will only be able to hand in work during the time window set on the "Submission" tab.
    • If you do not wish to limit when students can hand in work, do not check the boxes on the Submission tab.
  5. Click Save in the lower left corner of the screen.