Some Quantitative Literacy and Quantitative Reasoning resources

Stockton's Quantitative Reasoning across the curriculum pages

Quantitative reasoning/ Quantitative literacy from Bill Briggs at CU-Denver.  Includes many links to definitions and programs

Quantitative Literacy Resource Guide from Lynn Steen

 Quantitative Literacy: Why Numeracy Matters for Schools and Colleges by Lynn Steen

Quantitative Reasoning for College Graduates: A Complement to the Standards - a report from the MAA

Different Views on Quantitative Literacy - a variety of definitions of QL from a wide variety of people

"Quantitative Reasoning: an overview" from Marcia Davidson and Gary McKinney from Western Washington University.  Includes:

  • What is Quantitative Reasoning?
  • Why is Quantitative Reasoning Important to Assess?
  • What Should a Basic Competency in QR Include?
  • What About a Minimum QR Competence at College Entrance?
  • Impact of a QR Test on Current System
  • What Do We Currently Know About the Quantitative Reasoning Skills of WWU Students?
  • Meeting the Challenge: Some Models for Assessing Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • Other college's QL/QR requirements:

    Selected Quantitative Literacy Programs in U. S. Colleges and Universities

    CWU : QSR  (Quantitative Skills Requirement)

    And, last but not least, our own HCC College wide outcomes which includes "Reason Quantitatively - The ability to comprehend, analyze, estimate, use, and evaluate quantitative information arising in a variety of situations and involving a combination of words, data sets, graphs, diagrams, and symbols."