Geology 189 Mathpatch Online


Instructor:      Eric Baer
Building 29, Room 346
Office Ph#: 
   (206) 878-3710, ext. 3513

Office Hours: 
See Geol 101 syllabus

Text:              Your Geology 101 text and lab manual.

Other Required Materials/Fees: A scientific calculator (presumably needed for Geol 101 as well.)


Course Overview
Geology 189 is intended to help you review or learn math and logic concepts you will need in order to be successful in Geology 101.  Topics include basic algebra (evaluating and manipulating formulas) graph reading/interpretation, scientific notation, the metric system, unit conversions, and radiometric decay.

Course Structure
The course is divided into lessons.  Each week there are two lessons.  The lessons will be organized to correspond to concepts you are currently using in Geology 101.   For each math concept there will be a short explanation of the concept, some worked out examples/sample problems for you to study and then a quiz for you to take to assess if you understand the concept. 

Some of the modules will be located on this website.  Others will be located at  All will require you to take an assessment on at the end of the module.

Expectations for working online
Because the class is conducted using distance education, you should have easy access to a computer connected to the Internet. You will need an e-mail account in order to send questions to (and receive answers from) the instructor. You will be expected to check your e-mail regularly while in the class.  If you have computer or Internet service provider problems which prevent you from participating from home or if you do not have home access to the Internet, you will be expected to use the computers in the HCC library or the ICC if you have a current quarter computer pass.  If you do not have an email account there are many free services available on the WWW.  

Class Schedule
You can access the class schedule from the main class web page.  Here is where to find a detailed listing of each concept covered and its due date.  It is important to do the work on time so you will be covering the topics in time to apply them in your Geology 101 class.

Highline has a free tutoring center available to students in this and other courses.  It is located in Building 26, Room 319, and is an excellent source of help.  I am willing to help you with any of your geology 101 problems.  Stop by my office or email me questions if you need help.

Academic Honesty
Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty are unacceptable at Highline Community College and subject to disciplinary action.

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please provide your instructor with the Letter of Accommodation you have received from the Office of Access Services located in building 6 in the Student Development Center.

Completion of practice problems (show your work when possible)
To receive full credit, you must do all the practice problems and turn them in on time.
Late work receives partial credit - You will receive a class email specifying the last day late work will be accepted.

Grading (percent of total grade is given in parentheses)

Class activities (60%) -Mathpatch activities (the submitted problems/quizzes)

Geology 101 Final Grade (40%)

Grade Calculation - Your grade in this class will be compared with your final Geology 101 grade. Whichever grade is higher will be assigned to you as your grade for Geology 189 as long as you successfully complete all the quizzes with at least a passing grade