Geology 189 Mathpatch Online

Schedule for Carla Whittington's Geology 101 Class - Winter Quarter 2009. 


Mathpatch work to be completed

Due Dates (due by class time on that day - 10 am)

Week 1
Diagnostic Test Tuesday (10 a.m)
Unit Conversion Friday, January 9
Week 2
Density Tuesday, Jan 13
Plotting Points on a Graph Friday, Jan 16
Week 3
Hypsometric curve Tuesday, Jan 20
Mineral Table Friday
Week 4
Igneous Rocks Friday Jan 30
Time Travel Curve Monday Feb 2
Week 5
Metamorphic Facies Diagram Tuesday Feb 3
Rearranging equations Friday Feb 6
Week 6
Hjulstrom's Diagram Tuesday Feb 10
Making a best-fit line Friday Feb 13

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