Geologic Catastrophes 107 - Lecture Note Guides

The following lecture note guides can be downloaded and printed using Acrobat Reader, a free program already on most computers.  If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can get it by clicking this link:


 Course Intro

 Volcanoes:  Magmas and Eruptions (Ch. 6)

 Natural and Geologic Hazards (Ch. 1)  Volcanic Products and Hazards (Ch. 6/7) 
 Risk, Recurrence Intervals and Probability  (Ch. 1)    Where/Why/How Do Magmas Form (notes) 
 Interior Earth/Plate Tectonics (Ch. 2)   Relating Volcano types to Magmas (Ch. 6)
 Faults and Earthquake Generation (Ch. 3)     Monitoring Volcanoes (Ch. 6/7) 
 Seismic Waves and Finding Epicenters (Ch. 3)     Landslides!  Forces Acting On Slopes (Ch. 8) 
 Earthquake Hazards and Mitigation (Ch. 3-4)     Types of Landslides (Ch. 8) 
 Measuring Earthquake Size (Ch. 3-4)     Landslides in the Puget Sound (notes) 
 Ground Acceleration (Ch. 3-4)     Warning Signs of Landslides 
 Tsunami and Tsunami in the Puget Sound (Ch. 5)     Mitigation Techniques (Ch. 8) 

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