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Policies and Handbook

Access Services Handbook for Student Accommodation

Policies and procedures handbook for Access Services students is available in PDF format.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to download it.

Accessible Room Reassignment Policy & Procedure

Highline College is committed to providing access to education for all who seek it. The college will assist to find a section in a classroom that is accessible, or will move the class to a classroom that is accessible if a student determines one or both of the following circumstances:
  1. One of their classes is being held in a classroom that is not accessible, or;
  2. A consecutive class is not accessible due to the distance between classrooms that must be traversed during the break time.
  • The student will need to contact Access Services for assistance if they determine that an assigned classroom is not accessible, or that the second of two consecutive classes is not accessible due to the distance from the first class. If the student has not self-disclosed to Access Services prior to this need for accommodation, they may need to first complete the intake process. 
  • Access Services will review the college schedule with the student to determine whether a different section of the course will work for them.  If another section is not available or appropriate, Access Services will contact the Scheduling Office.
  • The Scheduling Office will attempt to find an available classroom that is accessible.  If an accessible classroom is available, the class will be reassigned to that room.
  • If an accessible classroom is not available, the Scheduling Office will identify an accessible classroom and swap room assignments.  If the quarter hasn’t started, the change is handled like any other room change.  If the quarter has started, Scheduling will notify the Division Chairs, Department Coordinators, and instructors affected by the change, informing them that the classes are being moved for cause.  The Scheduling Office will also notify Access Services, who will notify the student that the change has been made.