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Faculty and Staff General Information

Faculty Role in Accommodation

Access Services assists students to identify their disability-related barriers and discuss needed accommodations. We share this information with you via the Letter of Accommodation (LOA).

The primary responsibility of making classes accessible for all students belongs to the faculty. Students who qualify for accommodations will give you their LOA plus any additional relevant information.

If you have questions or concerns about the LOA - or additional ideas about accommodating the students in your classes - please talk with the student or call the accommodation specialist whose name is on the letter.

Additional information on Access Services is available in the Faculty Handbook.

Browse the links below to learn about different resources available to faculty and staff with the goal of creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment for students with disabilities. These links will help answer your questions about accommodations for students with disabilities, assist you to increase overall accessibility, and enhance the student experience at Highline.

Faculty and Staff Resources


Disability Access

Letter of Accommodation

Notetaking Accommodations

Service Animals

Sign Language Interpreters in the Classroom

Testing Accommodations

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