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Alternate Format Textbooks

headphones I want alternate format textbooks, but I’ve never ordered them before. What should I do?

Call or e-mail the office to schedule an appointment. Call (206) 592-3857 or Video Phone (253) 237-1106.

We recommend that you check with the Highline College Bookstore to see if an e-book version is available before you submit an order.

I have alternate format textbooks as an accommodation. How do I get my books?

Fill out the online request form and submit it via email OR bring in the form to Access Services OR put it in our Drop Box located in Building 6.

If you need assistance with the request form, please contact us for an appointment.

Do I have to purchase the actual textbook?

Yes, copyright laws require you to buy the actual textbook before you receive the alternate format version. We are required to see the actual textbook and/or receipt before we give you the alternate format book.

I need to order multiple books in Alternate format. Do I need to fill out a form for each textbook?

Yes! Fill out the Alternate Format Textbook Order Form for EACH book you need. If you are unsure if you are going to need the book in Alternate Format talk with your instructor and /or Access Services for assistance.

What is the timeline for receiving my books?

The accommodation request may take up to four weeks or longer to process. It is recommended that students register early and complete the Alternate Format Textbook form as soon as possible. If you need assistance with the request form, please contact us for an appointment.

How will I know when my book(s) are ready to be picked up?

Access Services will contact you to schedule a short appointment for pick up/review of equipment. We are communicating almost exclusively via email with students. Please check your Highline student email account often!

You must bring the actual textbook and/or receipt with you before Access Services can release your alternate format textbook to you.

Can I order the books in alternate format myself?

Yes, you can go to Learning Ally and register as a student for $49.00. You can also go to Bookshare and register as a student for free. You will need to provide each of these organizations with documentation of your disability.

Can I put my audio book on my own device?

Yes, you can. However not all formats are compatible. Access Services will work with you to determine if the audio and/or PDF will work with your personal device.

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