2012 MIDTERM EXAM , ENGLISH  205 Below, you will find 2 written text sources (Source A and Source B) writing about illegal immigration.  The first 4 questions refer to these text sources.  Follow Directions!!!!!!

  1. [ 9   pts]  Paraphrase the very last paragraph of Source B (it is in a box, below).
  2. [8  pts] According to what we’ve learned in first 5 wks of 205, only one of these two sources (A or B, below)  is credible; identify it and explain why (give 3 reasons for its college-level credibility…or…3 reasons why the other source is not credible).   
  3. [5 pts] The search terms for this immigration topic include the following, which all refer to the same group of people:  undocumented workers, illegal aliens, guest workers, illegal farmworkers, unauthorized immigrants, immigrant farmworkers.  Why will a research paper on this subject need to use all 6 phrases?  Why do these terms produce different hits on a database or search engine?

Source A:   The following article is from an .org called Center for Immigration Studies: Salt Lake City Police Chief Protecting Illegal Aliens.  By Ronald W. Mortensen, June 3, 2010

  Not too long ago, Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank was in Washington along with other big-city police chiefs. They met with Attorney General Eric Holder to complain about how the newly enacted Arizona law (SB 1070) would inevitably lead to racial profiling of illegal aliens and how unfair it was.  So, just how fair is Chief Burbank?

Chief Burbank, who denies that he sees things in terms of race, spends an inordinate amount of time and resources proving that Latinos do not commit crimes in excessively high numbers. However, the chief fails to distinguish between Latinos who are legally in the United States and the estimated 100,000 illegal aliens in Utah who are primarily Latinos. ..In addition, Chief Burbank conveniently overlooks the fact that a senior Social Security Administration official estimates that about 75 percent of all illegal aliens have fraudulent Social Security numbers. This is a felony. So, unless 75 percent of the general population is committing major felonies, it would appear that illegal aliens do indeed commit crime at an inordinately high rate.

In addition, based on investigations by Utah Workforce Services and the Utah Attorney General's office, it is estimated that at least 50,000 Utah kids under age 18 have their identities being used primarily by illegal aliens to get jobs.  Under Utah law the use of another person's identifying data, including their Social Security number, either knowingly or unknowing. is identity fraud, a felony.

So what does Chief Burbank do about this massive, illegal-alien-driven identity theft felonies? Nothing. Nada. Rien. Zero.  Therefore, is it any wonder that the chief's phony study on crime shows that illegal-alien-driven crime is not higher than crime committed by other groups?  Of course it isn't when you sacrifice tens of thousands of Utah children to identity theft by turning a blind eye to document fraud and identity theft committed by the vast majority of illegal aliens.  Of course it isn't when you are a sanctuary city and give illegal aliens immunity from arrest…And of course it isn't when you openly tell a Salt Lake Tribune reporter that you do not believe in upholding and enforcing laws that you don't agree with. According to the Tribune, when discussing the new Arizona law (SB1070) Burbank said: "When you talk about someone who is sworn to uphold the law, does that mean you uphold a law that is prejudicial or unethical or immoral? That's why I'm standing up now, and hopefully we don't get to that point so we don't have to face those decisions." 

Source B:  Contributions of Immigrant Farmworkers to California Vegetable Production.  By Devadoss, Stephen,Luckstead, Jeff  Publication: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.  Date: Monday, December 1 2008

 …the addition of one new immigrant displaces only 0.0123 domestic workers, and wage reduction is inconsequential. But one immigrant worker increases the vegetable production by $23,457 and augments the productivity of skilled workers, material inputs, and capital by $11,729.  …According to the 2002 Census of Agriculture, about 554,000 U.S. farmers employed 3 million immigrant farmworkers and paid $18.6 billion in wages and salaries (National Agricultural Statistics Service [NASS]), which underscores the importance of these workers to U.S. farm production and a potential labor cost increase if these workers are not available. The National Agricultural Worker Survey (NAWS) documents that in 2001-2002, 78% of workers in U.S. farm production were immigrants, and 75% were from Mexico.1 The same survey reports that 80% of the newly hired agricultural labor force is from Mexico, of which 96% are unauthorized (NAWS). These numbers are even higher for California because of its contiguous location to Mexico (Martin, 2007a)….

… in 2006, about 20% of agricultural products were not harvested nationwide, and the losses in 2007 were estimated to be even higher, particularly in California. Rural Migration News provides a detailed and specific list of these shortages and how they adversely affected crucial cultivational operations, which resulted in heavy losses. A large number of acres of vegetable crops were not harvested, and fruits in numerous orchards went unpicked because of a labor shortage, particularly in the western states.2 As a result, farm groups are one of the strongest allies of the current comprehensive immigration reform because if the number of undocumented workers dwindles, many growers will be affected and go out of business, particularly those growing labor-intensive fresh produce.

  1. [5 pts] Answer the following questions with  T    or   F   for   TRUE OR FALSE:

     ______ The graph below could be set up as a circle graph (pie chart).

      ______All bar graphs can be set up as circle graphs.    

      ______.org is a label for a credible, college-level source but which has a bias

     ______The majority of foreign-born workers tend to work in lower-paying jobs (acc. to graph below).

     ______Bias is bad in sources

     ______ .gov is scholarly and unbiased

     ______ foreign-born workers in U.S. are increasing in all sectors (acc. to MIT’s sources in graph below)

5.     [8 pts]   QUANTITATIVE LITERACY:   Below is a bar graph from another .org called MIT Center for International Studies. The title of this graph is “PERCENTAGE OF FOREIGN-BORN WAGE & SALARY WORKERS AGE 16 & OLDER BY INDUSTRY.   Write out 2 facts based on this graph and 2 potential arguments that the data in  this graph might support.  Label your statements as FACT  or  ARGUMENT. 







6.  (5 pts. short answer.):  Name the 4 prongs of the critical thinking tool as represented by the sources in this final exam—and explain.   

7. [10 pts] Cite all sources used in this midterm in 2  correct  end lists—one in APA format & one in MLA format. (Yes, this means you must also find them online if the info above is incomplete).