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Math 230 - Differential equations

Videos for Differential Equations

Videos provided thru MIT Open Courseware (here).

Resources Available: Text (2), Student Solutions manual (2)

1: The Geometrical View of y'=f(x,y)
2: Euler's Numerical Method for y'=f(x,y)
3: Solving First-order Linear ODE's
4: First-order Substitution Methods
5: First-order Autonomous ODE's
6: Complex Numbers and Complex Exponentials
7: First-order Linear with Constant Coefficients
8: Continuation
9: Solving Second-order Linear ODE's with Constant Coefficients
10: Continuation: Complex Characteristic Roots
11: Theory of General Second-order Linear Homogeneous ODE's
12: Continuation: General Theory for Inhomogeneous ODE's.
13: Finding Particular Solutions to  Inhomogeneous ODE's
14: Interpretation of the Exceptional Case: Resonance.
15: Introduction to Fourier Series
16: Continuation: More General Periods
17: Finding Particular Solutions via Fourier Series
19: Introduction to the Laplace Transform
20: Derivative Formulas
21: Convolution Formula
22: Using Laplace Transform to Solve ODE's with Discontinuous Inputs.
23: Use with Impulse Inputs
24: Introduction to First-order Systems of ODE's
25: Homogeneous Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients
26: Continuation: Repeated Real Eigenvalues
27: Sketching Solutions of 2x2 Homogeneous Linear System with Constant Coefficients.
28: Matrix Methods for Inhomogeneous Systems
29: Matrix Exponentials
30: Decoupling Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients.
31: Non-linear Autonomous Systems
32: Limit Cycles
33: Relation Between Non-linear Systems and First-order ODE's

Note: These are the subjects of some of the videos available on the MIT website, please click on the link above to access the videos.

Last updated: July 18, 2011