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Math 141/2 - Precalculus I & II

Resources Available: Textbooks(2), Student Solution Manuals (2), Student Study Guide Manuals (2), Textbook Skill-Builder CD (2), Instructional DVD’s (2 sets of 6 each), Video Tapes on Trigonometry, White Binders with practice problems and practice tests, Video Tapes on Basics of the TI 83 graphing calculator.

Resource Details

  • Skillbuilder (Textbook) CD.  Note that these CD’s generally accompany each new copy of the text, when purchased by the student. Copies are available for checkout in the MRC.These CD’s are a nice resource.  For each topic in the text, the student can choose to use
    1. a short video lesson on the topic, with a few examples worked (not a complete lesson).
    2. a set of skill-building exercises (about 20 per section) with feedback on answers, and solutions worked out step by step. Very nice.
    3. a section quiz, about 20 problems, also with feedback on answers.
    4. There are also some online quizzes, if one wanted to access them.
  • DVD lessons. Each DVD covers a chapter or more from the text.  The student needs to check out the appropriate disk (based on chapter desired) from the front desk.  Inserting the DVD will cause the program to start.  These DVD’s cover a few selected examples from each section in the text, in a live-lecture format.  Nicely done, for what is covered, but this isn’t really a complete lecture for any given topic. If someone misses class, this would be a nice starting point to catch up, but not a substitute for a complete discussion.
  • The video tapes cover “Sines and Cosines” (three volumes on trig), and there is also one on similarity and on on Pythaegorus.
  • Graphing Calculator Video Tapes. About an hour-long video on using the TI 83 graphing calculator.  (We also have one for the TI 89).  We also have a written instructional manual, and many copies of the manuals that come with the TI 83 (which the students can have for free).

Last updated: March 29, 2010