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Math 111/148 - College algebra and Business calculus

Resources Available: Textbooks(2), Student Solution Manuals (2), Student Study Guide Manuals (2), Textbook CD (2), Instructional DVD’s (2 sets), Video Tapes on Basics of the TI 83 graphing calculator.

Resource Details

  • Textbook CD (comes with new text).  We have some the students can check out if they don’t have one.  For each textbook section, the CD has
    1. practice exercises (about 20), which the user can have explained step-by-step to check their solution. The user can also ask to see example problems worked before trying the practice exercise.

    2. Quizzes?

    3. There is also an extensive selection of prerequisite topics, mostly from algebra, with the same types of practice problems (19 per topic) for each of the prerequisite topics.  This would be a very good resource for anyone needing an algebra review.

    4. Calculator instructions for TI 83/84. Not live, just PDF pages. We have better resources for this. XL startup instructions.

  • Instructional DVD’s.  Good live instructional lectures on the DVD’s.  We have two sets of 8 or 9 DVD lesson disks.  Students need to check these out from the front desk.  They just need to tell the front desk staff what sections in the text should be on the DVD. These don’t replace going to class, but they have been pretty popular with Math 111,112 students over the last year.
  • Graphing Calculator Video Tapes. About an hour-long video on using the TI 83 graphing calculator.  (We also have one for the TI 89).  We also have a written instructional manual, and many copies of the manuals that come with the TI 83 (which the students can have for free).

Last updated: March 29, 2010