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Math 097 - Intermediate algebra

Resources Available: Textbooks(2), Student Solution Manuals (2), Student Study Guide Manuals (2), Textbook-Linked Instructional CD’s (2 sets of  5-6 disks), Chapter Test-Prep CD (2), Lectures on Video Tape (same as instruction from CD’s), White Binders with Supplemental Problems, a White Binder with a Word Problem Workbook in it. On the computers, Algebra Lecture Series, Video Tapes on Basics of the TI 83 graphing calculator.

Resource Details:

  • The Instructional CDs are a live-lecture format with the author (?) writing on the board, going over examples.  Each CD covers about 2 chapters in the text. The lectures/examples are generally quite good.  Not interactive.
  • The Chapter Test-Prep CD is a live video of someone working the Chapter test problems from each chapter test in the text.  Not interactive, just a hand writing out solutions to the problems selected by the user from the particular chapter test (select a chapter, select a problem, you see the solution worked with commentary).
  • Lectures on Video Tape are essentially what is on the Instructional CD’s, just in video format, and of course not interactive.
  • The white binders contain a wealth of practice problems for the students in printed form, one set of 15-20 for each section in the text. (If a student wants a copy of a few pages of these, the MRC would make them for them). There are also 6 or 7 sample tests for each chapter, some multiple choice, for the students to look at.  There are answers in the binders (in back) for all these section problems and the chapter exams ( except the Math 97  section problems, for some reason.)
  • Algebra Lecture Series on the computers.  No disk needed. The students simply click on the Algebra Lecture Series icon.  They can then choose Beginning or Intermediate Algebra, and choose lessons by topic. These are not correlated to the current texts, but are fairly close, and a good source of Algebra review/practice.

Last updated: March 29, 2010