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AMATYC Math Competition

AMATYC will be held February 23rd, 2017 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. in building 7.

 This competition is held twice a year – once in the fall, then again in late winter/early spring.  The top five scorers will receive a gift card.  At the end of the year, prizes and scholarships are awarded to the top teams and individuals in the nation.  About twelve Washington schools participate, along with more than 140 schools around the country.  Participation in this would look good on applications or resumes.

Previous tests...
There are copies of previous tests that you can take for practice.  You can obtain them outside Terry Meerdink’s office in building 18, room 213.  If you have any questions, talk with any full-time math instructor, or contact Terry at ext. 3028 or

Study groups...
Mathematics instructor Tim Greene will be leading study sessions for the AMATYC mathematics competition.  Come and discuss ideas for solving problems of the type found on these contests.

Contest questions and answer keys for recent competitions can be accessed at

If you are interested in a study session, but unavailable at these times, email Tim Greene at to try to arrange other times.  Tim is looking forward to seeing any interested students....