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MaST Marine Mammal Stranding Team

Call the MMST Hotline to report a stranded or injured marine mammal. 206-724-2687

What is it?

The MaST Center works closely with NOAA Fisheries and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Services to increase response to stranded marine mammals. We cover over 25 miles of shore from Brown's Point in Tacoma, up to the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seatlle.

To ensure thorough coverage of our territory, and to further the knowledge of our local community; the MaST Center implemented the Marine Mammal Stranding team.

Who is on the team?

The MaST MMST is entirely made up of volunteers who provide first response to marine mammals on our shores. Volunteers decide their commitment level, and can sign up for preferred sections in our response area.

Volunteers have the opportunity not only to respond to stranded mammals, but to safeguard live animals on land, and observe animal necropsies that take place at the MaST Center.

How do you join the team?

Our volunteers require no experience. All necessary supplies and training is provided by the MMST Coordinator, and by shadowing a current team member on a stranded mammal response.

We strongly reccomend anyone who is interested to contact us and learn more about what it takes to be an MMST Member!

View our Tranining Presentation to learn more about Puget Sound species and our stranding response techniques.

The MaST MMST Territory Outline:
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Would you like to be on the Marine Mammal Stranding Team?
No experience required!

Contact us to get started.

The MMST outfits all volunteers with stranding kits to ensure proper care of marine mammals.

Donate to the MMST to keep our volunteers safe and prepared!