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Marine Science & Technology Center Stranding Team Example at Highline Community College

Donate to the MaST Center

The MaST Center is a full time teaching facility that is supported by the Foundation of Highline College.

The Highline Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the college and the community by developing resources for students and programs.

Your donation will support the everyday function of the MaST Center, and help us fulfill needs of students, staff and volunteers in purpose of improving our local marine community.

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Target your donation to a specific program.
See the list below:

Feed the Fish

Maintaining quality of life is one of our top priorities in the MaST Center Aquarium. In order to do so, we supply all of our marine creatures with an adequate variety of preferential and supplemental foods. From pellets and bloodworms, to frozen seafood mixes, costs total approximately $200/month, or $2,400 every year.

Discovery Days

Hosted every Saturday, Discovery Days is the designated time that the public is allowed to tour our facility for free. Volunteers arrive by 8am and stay until 3pm to make sure the facility is set up and provide knowledge and service to those who visit. Donations currently average about $0.25/visitor. Bumping that number up to just $1.00/visitor would have a great effect on the entire facility. This event is entirely free, however, donations are encouraged.

Marine Mammal Stranding Team

The MMST supplies all of its volunteers with stranding kits to ensure the proper care of stranded mammals. Each volunteer chooses a level of participation. Those who provide more in depth assistance require a more complex stranding kit. Initially, lower level volunteer supplies cost $9.95/kit, and upper level volunteer supplies costs $32.25/kit. Each volunteer may refill their supplies as needed, so a stock of supplies is also kept at the MaST Center. In all, total costs amount to about $675 yearly.

The Jelly Team

The Jelly Team is run entirely by volunteers. They are constantly maintaining and adjusting the jellyfish systems to ensure a proper quality of life. Between food and supplies, costs average about $600 yearly.

Live Dive

Due to its increasing popularity, the upkeep costs for our Live Dive program are increasing. We currently have one communication cable and two face masks that are owned by the MaST Center. We have a second communication cable that is generously being loaned out by Seattle Aquarium. Our host, Randy Williams brings his own camera gear to live stream video as supplement to the audio from the cables and masks. We are quickly approaching the need of some new equipment. A set of one cable and one face mask costs about $1,200.

Summer Camp

The MaST Center hosts a yearly summer camp for children ages 10-15.  Each child that attends participates in art projects and research activities which cost the MaST Center about $150/camper. With an average of 25-30 children participating every year, totals amount to approximately $3,750-$4,500. Corporate funding and child sponsors play key roles in continuing our summer camps, and are always greatly appreciated.

For more information please contact (206) 592-3774 or e-mail the Foundation.