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College credit classes are offered at the MaST Center. Students use the aquarium, lab and beach to enhance their learning experience. Increased awareness of the marine environment is a natural outcome from the experience.

Intro to Oceanography
Topics include the sea floor, plate tectonics, seawater chemistry, atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns, waves, coasts, productivity of plankton, and marine plants and animals. Includes laboratory.

Marine Biology
With a particular emphasis on Puget Sound marine animals, this course looks at the incredible diversity of life in the world's oceans. Includes field study and laboratory.

Marine Mammals and Seabirds
Introduction to the birds and mammals that live in and around the sea. Covers the evolution of birds and marine mammals, including their taxonomy, physiology, behavior, ecology and current threats to their survival. Includes field study and laboratory.

Intro to Environmental Science
This course takes and interdisciplinary approach to studying the environment, through an exploration of ecosystems and the role of humans and combines this with a focus on contemporary problems and issues. Includes laboratory.

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