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Faculty Advisors

Hara Brook
206-878-3710 extension 3248
Bldg. 25, room 416

Dana Franks
206-878-3710 extension 3240
Bldg. 25, room 413


Karen Fernandez
206-878-3710 extension 3809
Bldg. 25, room 413

Deborah Moore
206-878-3710 extension 3518
Bldg. 25, room 415


Jack Harton
206-878-3710 extension 3806
Bldg. 25, room 416



Highline Advising Center

The Educational Planning and Advising Center (EPAC) is committed to providing all students the tools and information they need to achieve their educational goals. EPAC staff members can offer students direction as they determine their course selections, examine their educational goals, and discover the campus resources.

If you are interested in transferring to a 4 year college or university, please consult the AA transfer degree requirements and talk to your advisor.

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